Sep 6, 2008

Talking Point #42 - Parking Revolution

More than 100 teams from around the world submitted entries to the Integrating Habitats design competition that prove every space in which we live, work, shop and play can create places for both people and nature in designs we can build today. The competition was based in Portland, Oregon (no surprise of those cities that gets consistently held up by planners as a model city).

"Urban Ecotones: Transitional Spaces for Commerce and Culture" was the winner of Category 2 and "provides a vision for how innovative home building centers can thrive economically, adapt to anticipated future city conditions, and provide a model for regenerating critical habitat corridors at a city-wide scale. We assert that the major challenge to current and future big box developments will be their reliance on fossil fuels, and generic, non-site specific land development."

It included ideas about a Parking (Re)evolution which shows the future conversion of car park spaces into other uses.

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