Oct 17, 2008

PARK: Deicke Richards, Valley

"Work’s a picnic at The Green Office!’ by Deicke Richards
(working in collaboration with Dig-it, Black Pearl Epicure, ECC Lighting and Stockade Nursery)
58 Baxter St, Valley

A design practice that prides itself on sustainability, happy working environment, and one that is innovative, imaginative & community minded. The design sought to:
· Call attention to the importance for urban public spaces
· Create/establish a relationship with our neighbours & suppliers
· Encourage staff and others to use alternative method of travel to work ie bike, bus

See the flyer HERE

Photo by Magda
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Thank you Magda and Deicke Richards, Dig It Landscape, Black Pearl Epicure, Stockade Nursery, ECC Furniture and Lighting

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