Oct 16, 2008

PARK: PARKed In, UQ (Group 8)

Group 8 - UQ Architecture
Staff House Rd, St Lucia

"Parked In"
Our scheme is based on the impact of vehicles on social experience and movement within the city. The patterns of movement and social spaces are constricted by the infrastructure grid created by vehicular movement. We constructed frames with fabric panels that represent the social barriers created by use of cars. The panels restrict movement and the visual link between the adjacent spaces. The fabric panels are green material and calico. Various images of a diverse Brisbane City have been transferred onto the calico side of the panel. These images engage visitors, encouraging them to walk between the frames and outline our social statement regarding cars within the city. We spray painted letters on the reverse side of the panels. Frames are removed individually and the fabric panels are laid on the ground so at the end of the day the car space is entirely green and spells out the phrase "Embrace It". The car park changes from an installation that surrounds the viewer and engulfs them, to a project that is viewed from above and allows free movement. The act of taking down the frames represents the deconstruction of the social barriers created by cars within the city.

Photo from Tess

Thanks to Tess, Kara, Caroline and Stephanie

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