Sep 11, 2008

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QUT Art Museum, Tom Heath Gallery
23 September – 26 October

As part of the second year architectural design studio conducted in the School of Design at the Queensland University of Technology, students explored the formal and compositional character of architectural exemplars drawn from the cannon of twentieth-century architecture. Students interrogated these exemplars seeking meaning and truth within the expression, techniques, tactics, and identity of the work, and the architect whom fashioned them. Students were introduced to stencil art as a representational technique to compliment conventional means of representation and expression at their disposal (plan, section, elevation), immersing themselves in the stencil art medium, hapticly engaging with the tacky viscous nature of the spray paint and crafted stencil cut-out compositional mask. Students experimented simultaneously with the pictorial composition of their stencil artworks whilst also exploring the crafting of the stencil masks as expressive devices in their own right, each with their own successive layer of diagramatic expression, unique spatiality, and representational character. Through this process the stencil mask used to create the stencil artwork therefore becomes as important as the final completed artwork, exposing the formal motifs, shapes, silhouettes, and iconography inherent within the architectural exemplar under investigation.

That opening night will also launch the annual 2007 Architecture Projects Review celebrating the outstanding achievements of architecture students studying design in the School of Design at the Queensland University of Technology.

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