Sep 25, 2008

PARK: "Moments in a car park" (Group 5) UQ

"Moments in a car park" by Group 5 (UQ Architecture)
3 sites during the day
Parking complex on Walcott Street, St Lucia opposite playing field; Parking complex off Union Rd underneath the UQ centre; multi-storey parking complex on Sir William Mcgregor Dr, opposite UQ athletics ova

The city, in many ways, can be seen to be more of transition space than a space which people choose to occupy and experience. Many people drive through the city on their way to another place, or walk through on their way to work, rarely stopping to simply occupy the space and indulge in the city landscape. As such we chose to create a space where people can stop and reflect on their surroundings, a space to be occupied as opposed to moved through. A place where people can choose to occupy it as they will, but where they are still a part of the surrounding landscape.

Photo by Nicola

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Thanks you Nichola, Nicola, Kristin, Rachael

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