Sep 26, 2008

PARK: "Block Park-ing" (Group 14), UQ

"Block Park-ing" by (Group 14), UQ Architecture
Staff House Rd, St Lucia UQ

"Block Park-ing"
Using recycled material (milk crates), a structure was designed for site 14 with various heights and spaces to mimic the city building in a slight way. The concept or the idea trying to be put forward is that a car park space (approx 6m x 2.4m) is actually fairly large when it's occupied by people, we just don't realise this when a car takes up this space. Which also brings us to the question of what is "space" to people? How do they perceive their space? What would they do in their space? and what do they want their space to look like or arranged?

We have come up with using the simple geometric form of milk crates (cubes) to build (tied together by zip ties and covered) an un-restricted form (although some will be tied together so they cannot be moved or climbed on for safety reasons), with coloured coded cubes that can be stacked and removed, so that the people who come in can think about what kind of space they would like by moving the crates to create their own spaces and do what they like in that space. Whether its reading, resting, coffee break-ing, catching up, its something to experience and can only be enjoyed by themselves, without someone directing what their space has to look and feel like.

Photo by Oni

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Thank you Oni,Xiao,Tian, Amy

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