Sep 29, 2008

PARK: Art PARK by Wandering Room, West End

Wandering Room (artist run collective)
Russell St, West End

‘Art Park’ was a rotating, temporary art gallery for 6 artists. The art works were all of a performative nature e.g. in costume or including sound in approximately 1& ½ hr timeslots. Between 4:30 and 5pm, the ‘after party’ was staged in the space where guests arrived for non-alcoholic beverages, cheese and crackers aka ‘opening night’ (or in our case ‘closing afternoon’) nibbles.

Photo by Wandering Room. See all Brisbane photos HERE.

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Thank you Wandering Room (David, Angela Rohan, Eric, Sarah, Alex).
Thank you to the cooperation of Crystal Earth, Michael Gent's Hairdresser and The Shire Cafe

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