Sep 28, 2008

PARK: Boat by Hassell Young Designers Group

Hassell Young Designers Group
Edward St, CBD

YDG collectively came up with the idea of ‘parking’ a hand-built boat. The objective was to encourage the community to think about what else a parking space could be used for. By challenging the perception of what a park is, the YDG considered the amount of space that is allocated to the Brisbane River and created the paper boat which was inspired by the following elements:
• Public Art
• Urban Design
• Land Use
• Brisbane - River City
• Education
• Sustainability

The design brief ensured that the installation was:
• Eye catching + interesting
• Moveable - to respect 1 hr time limits for metered parking
• Interactive + evocative
• And to challenge people to think about what else a car space can be used for

The larger boat contained mini origami boats which acted as a kind of SOS message containing eco-living and parking day facts to inform and educate the community.

The process was not without its challenges but it was a terrific result thanks to all who made the day possible and dedicated a lot of time (both inside and outside of working hours) to this event.

Photo by Hassell. See all Brisbane photos HERE.

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Thank you Annie, Kate, Michael, Jack, Ivan, Liz, Michelle, Josephine and Hassell.

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