Jul 22, 2008

Design Ideas (#21): Melbourne and Victorian Design Festival

With the Melbourne International Design Festival and Victorian Design Festival "State of Design" happening right now I'm a little bit jealous. Some of the creative things happening as part of these programs are sharing PARK(ing) themes, and could also inspire ideas for your spaces -

State of Design

  • My Patch My Eco City (city model making for kids)
  • RMIT Urban spaces (postcard series about urban design)
  • Art & Architecture Symposium
  • Eat Green Design: A temporary restaurant that serves as an incubator for sustainable thinking
  • Everything is Every-Think (found objects)
  • 'Have You Seen It?' (various installations will be located in public spaces in the four blocks around the intersection of La Trobe Street and Swanston Street)
  • Tell Me (captures the imagination of the person in the street and asks them, "How could today have been better for you?")
  • 3 Tonne'o'Space (exhibition in a truck)
  • The Liquid Landscape/Architecture as Metaphor

Melbourne Design Festival

  • 18 Chairs Escape (furniture)
  • This is This isn't (everyday objects)
  • Oasis (astro turf on Swanston St)
  • MAX GRR!! (laneway performance)
  • The Don't Sweat Shop (youth and sustainable design)
  • Melbourne Unbuilt (architecture)
  • Vertical Garden (landscape)
  • Melbourne Open House (architecture)

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