Apr 26, 2008

Talking Point (#29) Jan Gehl & Sydney 2030

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan was officially launched earlier this month setting key directions for the city centre in terms of public transport, public space, new development etc. The website is jammed packed of ideas, images, documents and talks.

One of the important pieces of work behind the 2030 plan is "Public Spaces Public Life by Gehl Architects" which calls for more pedestrian and bike friendly streets, new public spaces and even the demolition of the Cahill Expressway. Jan Gehl is a bit of an urban design godfather and while he's not saying anything completely different to Australian urban designers, for some reason it takes the honesty and charisma of an international expert to get politicians to listen. Melbourne took on his ideas years ago, now Sydney and at the PIA Congress he joked that Brisbane should look out because he'll get us next. ....somehow I don't think we would complain.

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