Apr 26, 2008

Design Ideas (#17) Designex 08 Displays

Just like the displays at trade shows, PARK(ing) offers a platform for the creative and eye-catching promotion of ideas, products and businesses. These are my photos from Designex 2008 of displays that could particularly inspire PARKers

Patio Landscape Architecture & Design 'Outdoor Room' supported by Fytogreen, Finalyson's Timbers, Andreasens Green Nursery.

Limoto Sport Newgrass (astroturf)

The Selvedge Group (wallpaper) for clever card construction

Pol Oxygen (magazine) designed by LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture using fabric and astro turf

Architectural Bookshop by Whitehouse Institute of Design students using Xanita (boards made from paper waste)

Axolotl Metal (metal finish) using MDF

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CAST said...

There is a furniture and design shop in Fortitude Valley called objx which has some very cool street furniture

They might be interested in helping someone Park(ing)


Chester St Fortitude Valley Q 4006

ph 3252 1633