Apr 22, 2008

FAQs: 'Gabba PARK(ing)- Planning Brief

What are the planning and public space issues that make PARK(ing) important to Woolloongabba/ Stones Corner? (*add local issues by posting a comment)

Woolloongabba and surrounds is -
  • Undergoing renewal and redevelopment pressure, especially with the Eastern Busway
  • Already being influenced by large infrastructure – Freeway, South East Busway, NSBT
  • Existing areas of intact traditional streetscapes
  • Limited areas of "park"

What are the local planning documents shaping the 'Gabba?

1. Woolloongabba Structure Plan
This plan demonstrates the latest thinking and future direction.
2. Eastern Busway
See the latest on this important project. Best to request the “Concept Design and Impact Management Plan” to get more detailed info.

There are already keen PARKers in this area, contact brisparkingday@live.com to find out who else is PARK(ing) near you.

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