Apr 23, 2008


1) How long can I PARK for?

Just like a car you should respect parking restrictions (unless you gain permits or negotiate private spaces). In a metered space it is an offence to continuously pay the meter and stay in the same spot beyond the maximum period - so if it says 2P you should move in 2 hours. Read the local laws.

2) Can I only PARK in metered car parks?

No. You can PARK in metered, unmetered, on street, off street, public, private, even multi-level car parks.

3) Can I get fined or arrested for PARK(ing)?

BCC’s Local Laws section have verbally advised that paying for a space but not parking a vehicle is not technically a fined offence – but they may be unsupportive and ask you to move on. (Note: We are working towards a "legitimate"(permitted)cluster but PARKs are encouraged anywhere in Brisbane)

As Rebar says “Be ready to deal with police, traffic enforcement officers, or people angry about you occupying a parking space. Keep in mind that you are acting in the public interest to add to the health, comfort, and vitality of your city. We recommend appealing to law enforcement’s sense of civic pride versus antagonizing them. Direct angry motorists to the nearest paid parking structure.”

Remember safety is a key component to PARK(ing) design. Have fun but obey the laws!

5) What can’t I do in a PARK(ing) space?

Any commercial uses. Under the Rebar creative commons copyright PARK(ing) Day is intended for non-commercial uses, and also commercial/food uses/footpath dining is a totally separate BCC licensing issue. Businesses like cafes can participate but should comply with their existing footpath dining permits. No sales or food in PARK(ing) spaces that are on street.
PARK(ing) spaces that are on private land (off-street), then you can do whatever you want!

4) How much will it cost me to create a PARK?

That’s up to you. PARK(ing) teams are responsible for their own costs, materials and logistics. Some design teams will borrow most things from work and home, while other design teams will make or buy new things.

You might also consider approaching local businesses for in-kind material support and even sponsors for your PARK(ing) space. Don't forget that PARK(ing) is a public platform to promote creative ideas, businesses, products, firms, and services.

5) Can I only PARK on 19 September 2008 ?
Yes. Similar approaches have been adapted but technically under the Rebar creative commons copyright the term "PARK(ing)" can only apply to the global event day. www.parkingday.org

Coincidently, PARK(ing) Day is closely linked in timing and theme to broader planning and design conversations happening at the same time, including
o Subtropical Cities Conference, Brisbane (3-6 Sept)
0 PIA State Conference (17-19 Sept),
o International Car Free Day (22 Sep)
o Brisbane Indesign (20-21 Sept)
o World sustainable building conference, Melbourne (21-25 Sept)
o Venice Architectural Biennale (14 Sept-Nov) which is exploring public realms in “Out there: Architecture Beyond Building”

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