Mar 8, 2008

Talking Point (#18) London Festival of Architecture

Running from 20 June-20 July is the 2008 London Festival of Architecture which is a celebration of architecture and the public realm.

Like PARK(ing) Day, each of the public weekend events will focus on using public spaces in fresh ways to explore future possibilities. In celebrating five distinct precincts in the city, each local area creates an exciting program around the theme FRESH! (Fresh thinking, Fresh approaches, Fresh talent, Fresh food, Fresh air). It features debates and talks about new public space proposals, major developments and public spaces interventions such as
  • A whole variety of markets
  • Temporary pedestrianisation of Montague Place near the British Museum
  • Continuous picnic throughout the Hub’s public spaces celebrating local food and opening up spaces not usually accessible to the public
  • Urban Treasure Hunt that moves around world renowned institutions and less familiar sidestreets and spaces
In 2006, 8 out of 10 Festival visitors were non-architects. This adds to my held suspicion that just by being residents, nearly everyone (even just a little) must care about the design of our cities and places. It is tapping into that vested interest in fun, engaging ways and combining it with professional discussions which is the true strength of these festivals and PARK(ing) Day.

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