Mar 1, 2008

Talking Point (#15) There's a Hole

"There's a Hole in my Bucket" was a project run with the 2007 Melbourne Design Festival. It asked visitors to take one of 100 yellow buckets and photograph a part of Melbourne or everyday life that they thought was poorly designed.

There were many photographs relating to issues of public space and urban design, such as -
  • Cars parked in bike lanes (Photo 72)
  • Footpath to nowhere (Photo 79)
  • Diverted bikepaths (Photo 25)
  • Pedestrian crossing cluttered with bins, bollards, furniture and signage (Photo 94)
  • Broken traffic calming device (Photo 91)
  • Traffic calming over design (Photo 71)
  • Trams that are not assessible to all - wheelcahirs, prams, eldery (Photo 74)
  • Public Transport (Photo 47)
  • Public Transport (Photo 17)
  • Poor public signage (Photo 65)
  • Playground without slide (Photo 55)
  • The use of plastic 'poo' bags in parks (Photo 87)
  • Architecture of "Pamela Anderson House" (Photo 42)
  • Architecture of student housing (Photo 29)
  • Multiple service cables (Photo 33)
  • Public seating location in obstructed view (Photo 31)
  • Congested Punt Rd (Photo 14)
Like PARK(ing) Day, the project sought to create a dialogue about the design landscape and how design has the ability to transform our lives and our society for better or worse.

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