Feb 28, 2008

Talking Point (#!4) Talking jargon

I sometimes forget I work in a world of planning jargon, and I can easily tell you PARK(ing) Day is all about the public realm, but "public realm" might mean nothing to you.

Public realm:
  • This is the space between and within buildings that are publicly accessible, including streets, squares, forecourts, parks and open spaces (London Plan Glossary)
  • Outdoor areas accessible to the public. (Wychavon District Council)
Public realm is the collective spaces that connect people to destinations, and is largely focused on streets, footpaths and spaces such as plazas and parks. Apart from being linkages that people move through, these spaces can also function as destinations and gathering spaces. Typically understood as "public owned" land, but increasingly publicly accessible privately owned land also plays a role in achieving good place outcomes.

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