Mar 13, 2008

Design Ideas (#12) Talking Cities

Just like PARK(ing) the 2006 "Talking Cities" Exhibition created a collective dialogue on reconfiguring and reactivating the marginal, residual, undervalued, and public spaces of our cities.

It presented architectural and urban design strategies together with artistic positions as a vital social and communicative tool. There are brilliant urban themes in all work but some particular ones to inspire PARK(ing) uses are -
  • Chair made from an wire fence by Andreas Bergmann
  • Temporary library "reading sculpture' made from beer crates (pictured) by KARO
  • Temporary housing made from fabric by Tobias Lehmann and Floris Schiferli
  • Pool tables in public space by Map Office
  • Graffiti Light sculpture by Recto
"Architecture should allow people to think the unthinkable!” Cedric Price.
So should your PARKs!

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