Feb 17, 2008

P is for POLICY

Some might see PARK(ing) Day as interfering with BCC operations but I'd say it's actually quite supportive of many key policy areas.

City Smart (I 'heart' BNE)
The CitySmart sustainability initiatives have strong links to ideas about street tree planting and open space (especially the 02 project), and broader issues about amenity and health of people and environments.

Creative City Strategy
This strategy supports temporary art projects, but also a creative 'approach' to issues and using art in community engagement strongly coincides with that.

City Centre Masterplan and Valley Vision
Both these strategic document have strong sections dedicated to quality public realm in highly urbanised and dense areas. These plans show small urban spaces and pedestrian priorities/key streets that are intended to demonstrate the very values expressed in PARK(ing) Day.

Active Transport Strategy
This strategy raises pertinent issues about infrastructure, user safety, land use planning, and community education about walking and cycling. PARK(ing) Day is about how we use our streets and issues of transport and mobility are valid themes to explore.

Open Space Strategy
This strategy is still being undertaken, but not surprisingly early feedback shows that Brisbane residents care about open space. It starts to raise issues about recreation types, scenic amenity, vegetation, wildlife, community uses etc and these can all be themes to explore in your PARKs.

....And that is just some!!!

The act of PARK(ing) and themes within PARKs can explore issues, ideas and policy areas that are as numerous, big, diverse and complex as our cities are. The Living in Brisbane 2026 Vision is a great prompt for PARK(ing) themes. It outlines 8 broad aspirations which we encourage you to explore and interpret -
  • Friendly, safe city
  • Clean, green city
  • Well-designed subtropical city
  • Accessible, connected city
  • Smart, prosperous city
  • Active, healthy city
  • Vibrant, creative city
  • Regional, world city

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