Feb 17, 2008


PLEASE READ BCC Parking Information

There are all sorts of time limits, so you really have to physically scope out on-street parks to read the signs before you pick a location. (The 'how to kit" will include some more information)

The original Rebar idea plays with metered parking, but of course Brisbane also has unmetered spaces and parking restrictions on streets without signs too. Please be aware of the 6 main parking control areas
  • Ballymore Traffic Area
  • Brisbane Central Traffic Area
  • Dutton Park Parking Control Area
  • Gabba Traffic Area
  • Lang Park Traffic Area (Suncorp Stadium)
  • St Lucia Traffic Area
Remember your PARK is like a car, don't park in
  • Clearways
  • Solid Yellow Lines
  • Bus and Transit Lane
  • Bus stops
  • Taxi zones
  • Loading zones
  • Australia Post zones
  • 10mins zones
  • Disable parking spaces
  • Across driveways or footpaths

Unless otherwise signed, at intersections and bus stops:

  • park at least 10 metres from an intersection without traffic lights
  • if there are traffic lights, park at least 20 metres away from the intersection
  • park at least 20 metres behind a bus stop, or at least 10 metres in front

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