Sep 16, 2008

Talking Point #45 - Depave

When not PARK(ing) you can "depave". has been created to inspire and promote the removal of unnecessary concrete and asphalt from this earth.

It advocates "the removal of pavement allows for the revegetation of land with trees and plants.

The benefits of urban vegetation include:

  • Cooling of homes and offices by shading the sun’s rays and the protection against harsh winds
  • Ambient cooling from evapotranspiration of rain on the leaves
  • Aesthetic enhancement to areas and psychosocial benefits associated with greenery
  • Enhancing air quality by removing particulate pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air while producing oxygen
  • Visual privacy and reduction of noise from the street
  • Traffic calming when trees are planted along urban streets
  • Restoration of local habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife
  • And if the previously-paved land is used for farming, this provides food and nutrition for local residents."
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