Oct 9, 2008

PARK: Time (Group 10), UQ

"Reminder of Time" by Group 10, UQ Architecture
Staff House Rd, St Lucia

STOP-SIT-VIEW- take some time to look at your surroundings, aware of the
greenery and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are many mysteries in nature that can intrigue and surprise. In modern life we don’t take the time to be curious or to marvel at environment around us. To be captivated‚ our attention seems to require either a high level of shock or a sensational‚ easily conveyed experience. We have become indifferent to the existence of all things around us. The fast pace of today’s life makes us blind to nature's aesthetic sensations.

Do we ever stop to consider the wonder of being a part of the environment? Here, it is a place to take time. Time to have a chat. Time to appreciate the wonderful views that open up every corner. So, STOP, SIT and VIEW

The concept of 'clock face' symbolizes time and the 'clock hands' pointing out to the interesting spot that people might not aware all this time as well as providing seats for the visitors.

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Thanks Ziggy, Garth, Chris, Diana

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