Oct 2, 2008

PARK: State of Emergency (Group 4), UQ

State of Emergency: The Human Touch Lost
Group 4 (UQ Architecture)
Union Complex, St Luscia

Our group’s view is that our urban cities have been dominated by the car as buildings and public spaces are limited to make way for roads for vehicles. Within the confines of the car, humans have lost the utilisation of our primary senses to feel the urban spaces we inhabit and move through. We feel that there really is a “State of Emergency”: not only have humans lost the ability to navigate through our cities by our senses without the interference of the car, the cities themselves are cold landscapes designed for the car – the human touch is lost. Our PARK, on Site 4, represents barricading out the rigidity of the vehicular system and moving towards a better future where spaces are less rigid and are more welcoming to the human and the human touch. The use of sandbags with different materials within them not only evoke the idea of the state of emergency we are currently in, but also invite occupants of the space to touch the built environment as the space moves from the carpark to nature beyond.

Photo by Priscilla. See more Brisbane photos HERE.

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Thank you Elizabeth, Priscilla,Caroline and Lynn

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