Sep 18, 2008

Yen in Toronto

I'm enjoying the IwB with Evergreen/Habitat for Humanity, but think I'll be feeling homesick on PARK(ing) Day. Ever the PARKer, I will be joining Lonsdale Gallery for PARK(ing) Day and Streets are for People for more PARKs on World Car Free Day (Sunday 21 September).

You might think New York when you hear the name Jane Jacobs, but actually Toronto was her home for a long time. In her passing, they celebrated her contributions to place-making in a series of "Walks for Jane". It has now become the city's Walking Festival which involves walks that feature a tour guide who will speak knowledgeably about the neighbourhood, and will highlight the people, places and public spaces that make that particular community interesting and unique. Interesting like PARK(ing), the Walking Festival takes a simple idea about place making, and sets up a framework to help spread it more locally.

A Brisbane Walking Festival linked to PARK(ing) 2009, how about it?

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