Sep 7, 2008

Talking Point #44: FarmLab

What is Farmlab?

The team behind the Not A Cornfield project in Downtown Los Angeles has become Farmlab, a short-term multi-disciplinary investigation of land use issues that are related to sustainability, livability, and health.

Not A Cornfield" (2005) was a living art sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The California Department of Parks and Recreation was designing the historical park this site will become, but having taken several years so far and a difficult process with limited funding, the Not A Cornfield process (reclaim/planting) was a way to bring attention to this site and also bring forth many questions about the nature of urban public space.

Farmlab now do all sort of interesting things, as they continue to serve as a catalyst for community involvement and change through the development of art actions, projects, and otherwise. Farmlab is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuity of all living things.

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