Sep 16, 2008

Related Event: Veg Future 08 (20-23rd October 08)

Greening Australia and Land & Water Australia invite you to Veg Futures 2008 – a comprehensive, practical conference about the nation’s most pressing challenges for vegetation management in regional and peri–urban landscapes.

20th–23rd October, 2008
Toowoomba, Queensland

Spotlight on vegetation management
Veg Futures 08 tackles the big questions around vegetation management with a focus on biodiversity, water quality and landscape resilience in the face of climate change. The conference will also explore the policy environment for vegetation management, the potential role of carbon markets, the latest techniques for revegetation as well as specialist sessions on the role of art in the environment and communication for NRM practitioners.

What are the big questions, and how will we answer them?

  1. What is the role and value of vegetation in the regional landscape?
  2. Who pays for vegetation management?
  3. How do we balance competing demands for conservation and production?
  4. What are we doing about the threats to native vegetation?
  5. How do we know if we are making a difference?

Veg Futures 08 will answer these questions through a combination of keynote addresses, workshops, and paddock sessions, looking from the continental scale to the paddock, and with a diverse array of researchers, practitioners and farmers

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