Sep 21, 2008

PARK: Reserve PARK, Valley

PARK(ing) Day 08 - Valley Cluster from Bjorn Rust on Vimeo.

Reverse PARK by Bjorn and Surya
James St, Valley

Converting the vacant car parking space into a virtual green space. Reverse Park is an ironic exercise in environmental and social commentary.

It's not a park, but what if it was? Would its shade and soft grass offer a place to sit? Would it encourage pedestrian traffic, boosting local economy? In turn, would it decrease the use of automobiles, in which case what effect would it have on our environment?

This PARK went "off road" and reappeared on the weekend for Brisbane Indesign (near Objx, Ella St, Valley). Photos here -

Photo by Ben
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Thank you Bjorn and Surya

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