Sep 20, 2008

PARK: Party For One (Avid Reader), West End

Party for One
In front of Avid Reader
Boundary St, West End

Party for One is a non- verbal contemporary performance work that explores ideas of isolation, celebration and the marking of time, through the surreal and simultaneous individual experiences of three people who each throw a party, with themselves as the only guest. Blurring the line between theatre and performance art, Party for One provides a live internal, external and voyeuristic experience.

The Avid PARK was a fun animated park complete with stellar performances from Party 4 One with associated readings of poetry, text, etc. The arvo/evening saw some stall holders from the regular last Friday of the month - Little Market @ Avid making a special appearance out the front.

Photo by Emma

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Thank you Britt, and Avid Reader

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