Sep 23, 2008


Yellow PARK
EDAW (Landscape Architects)
George St,CBD

EDAW's park reflected on the spontaneous uses of public space, what we can do with spaces and recycling. It will be bold, eye catching and it will be yellow.

via blog: The Emerging Professionals have been trying to find a way that yellow trace can be recycled in Australia; currently our research has not yielded any results. So the yellow trace was re-used to create the park and the seats and cushions are still being used in the Brisbane office.

At the end of the day the Emerging Professions had a great time chatting to curious onlookers, being approached by very friendly parking inspectors and relaxing in a space that would ordinarily be used by a single car for only some of the day. We learnt a lot from the experience and we look forward to participating in future years.

Photo by Amy

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Thank you Amy and EDAW's Emerging Professionals Group

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