Sep 14, 2008

New York PARK(ing)

There's a revamped New York PARK(ing) site that is worthy of a look (Thanks Michael)

"This year, Park(ing) Day NYC will double the fun with double the locations: 50+ parks in the Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. In addition, park builders are putting new emphasis on site-specific designs that will reflect the social, cultural and architectural contexts in which they're situated, as well as generate innovative proof-of-concept designs for permanent public space reclamation. Seating areas, art installations, and community engagement will all make the case for a more sensible and human-friendly distribution of available urban public space.

Park(ing) Day 2008 will be followed on October 18 by Park(ing) Day REDUX, featuring a rebuild of selected spots along with photos and other media from this year's event, in front of EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center on 21st Street."

P.S.I'm pretty proud of our little blogspot as it reaches its 4000th hit, but I'm jealous of the NYC site - like self mapping registration form! So got to get me one of them

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