Aug 26, 2008

Related Events: Living Landscapes Forum on Sept 10-12

Wednesday 10 September to Friday 12 September

The 2008 SEQ Living Landscapes Forum is being hosted by the Regional Landscape and Open Space Advisory Committee and presented by the Queensland Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning and the Council of Mayors South-East Queensland.

The event will be held in the country town of Boonah which is approximately one hour drive South West of Brisbane.

The objectives of the Forum will be to raise the profile of key regional landscape issues, to examine their policy position within state and local governments in Queensland, and to disseminate the SEQ experience of managing the regional landscape and rural production areas to a wider audience.

Youth Environment Society is offering three people (15-25 years-olds) who are interested in attending the 2008 SEQ Living Landscapes Forum to pay your registration to the conference. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Paul (

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