Aug 5, 2008

Design Ideas (#23): Spark

(image: The Spark party, with Paul Fairweather and Yenda Carson’s light installation seen in the foreground.)

In 2006, Spark was exhibiting a number of lighting installations by Brisbane's established designers, architects and artists.

via Euroluce: With a desire to “promote the excellent design potential” of Queenland designers, and “facilitate cross-pollination among creative thinkers”, Alex Lotersztain and Surya Graf invited 12 QLD designers from diverse fields to each create a sculpture of light. The glow-in-the-dark floor, dancers getting jiggy-with-it, suspended luminaires, mirrored screens lit with LEDs, pools of floating mirror-balls, flowing champagne and beer, and a giant glisten disco ball, all brought a Sparkle, that October night

PARK(ing) has usually happened during the day, but it is targeted at ALL pedestrian activity. Nighttime activity in streets and public spaces is a vital part of vibrant, creative and safe cities.

Consider lighting, projections and night PARK(ing).
(*Your parking restrictions are even probably more relaxed at night too!)

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