Jul 29, 2008

Related Events: Greenfest, Southbank - 10-12 October 2008

Greenfest (at Southbank) is about attracting a critical mass of positive energy in one place at one time through creativity, innovation and working together to win the race against climate change.
Greenfest is free, outdoors, participation based and experimentally presents tomorrow’s leaders to share the stage today.
Features -
  1. Green Street Mall (greener fashion, technology, personal care, home improvement, travel, white goods and leisure products)
  2. Green Motor Show (cars concepts)
  3. Green Career Show (promotes greener opportunities for careers across all industries - lawyers, engineers, teachers, public servants)
  4. Green Bake (organic food and growers; greener drinks, cooking, sampling and tasting.)
*Opportunities to participate/exhibit are still available

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CAST said...

Help stop the Hale Street Bridge and get the money put into better public transport, walking, cycling and parks

The Stop the Hale Street Bridge alliance are calling on people to
write to Anna Bligh regarding the Hale Street Bridge. They believe
public opinion, and even the opinion of the Courier Mail, is turning on this project.

The No Tunnels / Community Action for Sustainable Transport letter has been submitted today and you can read it here

Write your own quick letter to the Premier