Jul 28, 2008

Design Ideas (#22) Work never was so fun

Why is it we too often we separate 'work' from 'play' in our minds? PARK-Fi was a park with Wi-Fi internet by TPL Office, San Francisco (2007)

Grab your workplace to create a PARK.
Consider it
a) team bonding for staff,
b) a way to promote your workplace,
c) a fun experience for your customers/clients
d) a really unique venue for meetings and doing work

The "work-play balance" of PARK(ing) which is that mix between serious professional issues and fun expression is one of the very reason why I personally love the concept. Funnily enough, mixing "work" and "play" activities together in a physical land use and urban design sense is also related to sustainable cities, urban consolidation and vibrant public realm.

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