Jul 16, 2008

Related Events: Brisbane Festival: Creative Car Parks

Like PARK(ing) Day, the 2008 Brisbane Festival is taking over car parks.

Car parks as creative spaces are being used for -
1) Battle City 7 (dance) @ Car parks under Turbot St Underpass (Roma St), 18 July, 7:30pm
2) The Fiveways –(music theatre) @ Car park of 9 Wilson St, West End – 31 July-2 August , 7pm
3) Electronique (dance) @ Car park Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, 25-27 July 7pm
4) Alice 21 (music theatre) @ Car Park of Judith Wright Centre, Valley 31 July- 2 August, 7pm

The Brisbane Festival is also activating streets, parks and public realms across the city. Community experiences are also made in complex public-private interfaces, and spaces that “feel public” yet are technically privately owned. Interestingly the Brisbane Festival also starts to blur these urban design lines, and brings in a public element to “private space” such as shops and even people’s backyards (Brisbane Backyards music series is happening from 19 July to 3 August).

The keynote messages in the program are mostly about the “arty part” but it is the Lord Mayor who hints at it's greater role in city-making. “It challenges our concepts, it inspires our imagination and it draws us together. In the end it informs the city’s consciousness”. Campbell might not be a PARK(ing) supporter but those are wise words for this cause.

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