Jun 16, 2008

Talking Point (#36): Snap Shot City

Snap-Shot-City is a photographic treasure hunt happening worldwide (including Brisbane) on 6th September 2008. http://www.snap-shot-city.com

This how it works -
Step 1) You get clue words/themes to creatively interpret
Step 2) You take photos of Brisbane based on those clues
Step 3) You share Brisbane and global photos online

eg. The image is NYC under the theme "life in the fast lane"

It actually has some really strong similarities with PARK(ing) as it's based on same following ideas -
  • Community engagement is a vital part of what makes cities great. This is an opportunity to challenge people to engage in new ways with their cities. And with cities all over the world.
  • Community engagement is recognized by the United Nations through the Declaration endorsed at the 2005 Brisbane UN sponsored Community engagement conference
  • A top opportunity for great parties.
  • Great international database of personalized city experiences
  • Celebration of how people experience their cities.
  • An opportunity to be an artist for a day. Snap-Shot-City empowers people who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively to become artists and explore their creativity.

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