Jun 10, 2008

Talking Point (#35) Jane Jacobs Medal

In 1st year uni, confronted with a random list of names to research for an assignment, I picked the name Jane Jacobs just because I liked the initials JJ. She ended up turning into one of my heros.

The Rockfeller Foundation celebrated her contributions to urban design by establishing the Jane Jacobs Medal in 2006.

The award celebrates those who uphold the "Jacobsean principles", which encompass the following values and ideas:
  • Make New York City a place of hope and expectation that attracts new people and new ideas
  • Challenge traditional assumptions and conventional thinking
  • Promote dynamism, density and diversity
  • Generate new principles for the way we think about development and preservation in New York City
  • Take a common sense approach to complex problems
  • Provide leadership in solving common problems
  • Respect neighborhood knowledge
  • Generate creative use of the urban environment

I'd like to think in its own way PARK(ing) is a bit Jacobsean.

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Emma said...

It's a growing fan club, those who regard Jane Jacobs as their hero. I first came across Jacobs while studying criminology, or more specifically environmental criminology. She was way ahead of her time and with little more than common sense and inspirational insight and passion for community, took it to the big guns and won. Her work in redefining community will never be forgotten.