Jun 4, 2008

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2nd Annual Green Roofs Australia Conference
June 18 - 20th 2008 - Hilton Brisbane

The rapidly growing Green Roof and Wall industry is providing a realistic and tangible response to the climate change challenges many cities are currently facing.

Green roofs and walls can make a unique contribution to the quality of our urban environment. Few technologies have ever had so much to offer by way of improving the health and well being of urban residents, while contributing to the development of restorative, high performance buildings.

Green Roofs Australia’s mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof & wall infrastructure, to advance and support its growth by the sharing of ideas and knowledge via research, development & education.

Delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors this conference will provide you with a unique opportunity to share, learn, network and have fun while being a part of a new industry, a new living architecture that integrates the living and non living into restorative and healing buildings.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and sharing in the opportunities and growth of this exciting new industry. It’s with your support that Green Roofs Australia can continue to support this technology & its future.

This is the way forward, thank you for joining us.

“Green Roofs meet one of the essential conditions of sustainable development, the reconciliation between economy and ecology.” George Irwin, Green Living Roofs, LLC

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