Jun 7, 2008

FAQ: Brisbane City Council

What is the BCC position on PARK(ing) Day?
*edited June 2008

PARK(ing) Day is an not supported by BCC. The verbal advice is the Lord Mayor/Cr Quirk have main concerns related to the lose of CBD spaces.

Many city council worldwide support PARK(ing) by allowing 'permits'. The closest BCC permits relate to "part lane closures" which have not been verbally supported. These permits are set up for things such as construction work zones etc and PARK(ing) was obviously not the intent for which these permits were written for.

In San Fransisco their Mayor's office and key departments PARKed and so could BCC. Brisbane PARK(ing) Day is still eager to work with BCC next year. This event is about the diverse aspects of city-making and PARK(ing) Day creatively engages the community about ideas and issues directly related to BCC key plans, policies and projects.

Like the original idea, PARK(ing) can technically happen without BCC support (see other FAQs about about parking local laws) but their support would have been beneficial to extending times, and reducing perceived barriers.

All participants must read the local laws and should understand the risks (of being asked to move)

Also consider the following strategies to reduce your risk -
1) PARKers are are also encouraged to talk with their local Councillors one-on-one
2) We are currently working with Southbank Corporation as a way to achieve a "legitimate" cluster outside of BCC
3) You can avoid all BCC enforcement risk by adapting PARK(ing) to private off street parks.
4) You can minimise risk by gaining support from traders/businesses.
5) Clusters may try to apply for 'part lane closures permits' through BCC, but without political support such approvals are not guranteed.
6) Safety in numbers. A critical mass of community and professional support can lead to better acceptance and political support of the event. Every space created adds to the message.

Make sure you read the other FAQs about parking and local laws.

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