Apr 22, 2008

FAQs: Valley/New Farm PARK(ing)- Planning Brief

What are the planning and public space issues that make PARK(ing) important to the Valley?(*add local issues by posting a comment)

The Valley and surrounds has –
  • One of the lowest proportions of actual “park” (think about if you didn’t have River, and New Farm Park nearby)
  • The general lack of park puts the pressure and design focus on other forms public space (plazas, Chinatown and Brunswick St malls and streets)
  • The diversity of people in the Valley’s public spaces during the day, at night and during special events makes it some of the most vibrant spaces in our city but sometimes the most contested
  • The sense of safety (that is perceived or real) in Valley public spaces continues to be a part of its reputation.
  • The Valley has a strong history in the temporary and creative use of public spaces for events, markets, music, art etc
  • Critical issues about inclusive public space for homeless, youth, indigenous, gay communities etc are an important part of the Valley.
  • Increased development pressure in the Valley are opportunities to get improved streets and new public spaces, but also puts pressure on the character of existing spaces.
  • The Valley and surrounds has many traditional and new examples of activation of public spaces and public-private interfaces on the street. (think Brunswick St, Emporium, James St, Merthyr, Teneriffe) Developers/planners are using some of these mixed use developments as models across the city.
What are the local planning documents shaping the Valley?

1. Fortitude Valley Urban Vision (2007)
This document outlines some important thinking about public spaces, streets and new connections. It is currently setting the future direction for the area.
2. The CityPlan Planning Scheme (See Chapter 4 for “Local Area Plans for older suburbs”)
See the Fortitude Valley Local Area Plan and New Farm and Teneriffe Hill Local Area Plan
3. Plans and ideas often come, go and come back again! Your local Councillor can find you past and background planning studies.

What are the key Valley PARK(ing) Sites?

It is up to local cluster leaders/individuals to locate and negotiate their own PARK(ing) spaces., but some of your local site targets could include -
1. Existing active precincts/streets in and around James St, Brunswick St, Merthyr Rd
2. Streets of proposed pedestrian priority (eg Maclachan St)
3. Shared off-street parks of centres (eg at shops at James St, Brunswick Central, Emporium)
4. Private off-street parks of sole uses (eg think spaces like Phillip Bacon Gallery, Judith Wright Centre rear car park, Jamie’s Espresso, any other smaller commercial uses with parking frontage)
5. BCC off street car park (East St)
6. McWhirters Carpark (rooftop)

There are already keen PARKers in this area, contact brisparkingday@live.com to find out who else is PARK(ing) near you.

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