Apr 5, 2008

Brisbane Resource Guide

Each team is responsible for their own costs, risks, logistics, design and materials. Teams can beg, borrow or buy any materials they need for their PARK. PARKs should not cost you heaps of money, but here are some handy resources if you need to buy or rent things -

  • Witches hats can be bought for $5.95 @ RSEA (Kedron and Rocklea)
  • Witches hats and safety gear can be rented @ ABR Hire, Slacks Creek
  • Witches hats (450mm standard to 1m) can be rented at Coates Hire
  • Rope barricades, low picket fencing and easels can be rented @ Neals Hire & Special Events, Eagle Farm
  • Safety barrier 2.4m timber/metal legs standing ($14) can be rented at Kennard’s Hire (and also at Coates Hire)

  • Turf ($5-10/m) is sold at local landscape suppliers. Most PARKs are in the inner city one of the closest is City Landscape Supplies at Kelvin Grove
  • Tarps/sheeting (to line turf/loose materials) is sold at hardware and camping stores
  • Synthetic Lawn and other flooring is sold on rolls by the metre at Bunnings
  • Synthetic lawn ($44), red carpet ($55), wooden flooring ($33) can be rented at Freemans Hire Service, Mansfield.
  • Synthetic lawn ($39.40) can be rented at Richlands Party Hire, Oxley

  • Edible Nurseries at Northey St Farm, Windsor
  • Local nurseries, garden stores and florists
  • Potted palms($18) and potted Topiary plants($22) can be rented at Freemans Hire Service, Mansfield.
  • Potted plants ($27.50) can be rented at Richlands Party Hire, Oxley

  • Tables/chairs available at most Party and Event Hire businesses
  • Large decorations available at Prop House, South Brisbane
  • Almost anything is available at Reverse Garbage, West End
  • Check out art, craft, hobby and hardware stores

PARK(ing) can be a unique public platform to promote local businesses, suppliers, products and services so consider finding donations and sponsors for your PARKs.
If you have any good tips, sources and bargains to share. ADD a comment below

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