Feb 18, 2008

Talking Point (#2): Art and Arch Infinite

PARK(ing) Day might seem like an "out there" concept for Brisbane but this isn't the first art-based exploration of urban design and public spaces. In 2004, the Art + Arch Infinite exhibition had site-specific installations at different locations all over the city, stretching from Fortitude Valley, to the CBD, to South Bank and to West End.
See http://www.slab.com.au/artarcin.php

It explored strong themes in
  • People and Public Space: strategies against commercialisation of public space, privatisation and internalisation of public space, the Region and the metropolitan centre
  • Crossovers and interdisciplinary collaboration: new possibilities for combinations and interpretations, globalisation and cultural difference, cultural translation
  • Mobility and the River: mass mobility, urban sprawl, networks, infrastructure, the river potentials, bridges
  • The sub-tropical climate: territory, horizon, built-up space versus green space, topography, indigenous sites, the sub-tropics, landscape, garden.
These are still valid and parallel themes you can explore in your PARKs.

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